Anonymous asked:

You are a fucking genius! I'm waiting for my tax return to come I need that OPH T-shirt with the track numbers and movie stills!! I've never wanted a t-shirt so bad in my life!

Aw! It took me so long to find every movie clip of the exact moment they said the quote!

Im planning on making a shirt of a list of ALL the movies from the OPH tapes that will hopefully look a bit like a tour shirt 

Anonymous asked:

hey kylie! i'm going to bastille's show and it's going to be my first concert ever so i was wondering if you could give me some etiquette/tips? what should i wear, should i bring a poster or something, if the band comes out at the end of the night to meet fans? thank you so much!

I wouldn’t really bring anything unless its small, like a CD or unless you plan on giving the boys something.

Wear something comfortable, no need to dress up or anything unless you’d like, it will be hot in there though so don’t wear a sweater you cannot take off.

Just be nice to everyone, make some friends.. if you make friends with people they will be more polite to you. Don’t shove, respect people who have gotten there before you. Don’t scream or throw things on stage.. basically if you have to think “is this rude or wrong?” don’t do it.

They typically do come out, Dick will normally come out and let everyone know a bit in advance. 

Have fun! x

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